Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted aircon is considered the most efficient cooling system for residential and commercial purposes. With a single system, you can keep all rooms in your home or every section of your office cool. Servicing Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Capel and the greater South West region.

Install A New Ducted Air Conditioning Solution

Ducted air conditioning is a popular air conditioning system not only in Busselton but also in the rest of Australia. Known for being affordable and efficient, ducted aircons are ideal for keeping larger spaces with several rooms consistently cool. They also double as heating systems so they can keep any space comfortably cool or warm throughout the year.

Ducted Aircon for Any Premises

For homes with more than three bedrooms, a ducted aircon with room temperature control (iZone) is recommended.

It allows you the ability to regulate the temperature according to zones (or the rooms in your home). So, your bedroom may be cooler than your kids at any one time, or you could keep your living room a touch warmer for entertaining.

With an iZone controller, the temperature can be completely tailored to your comfort. The same goes for commercial establishments that may require colder temperatures to protect high-value equipment or items that are sensitive to humidity.

Ducted air conditioning vent in roof of home.

Residential Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are the best when it comes to temperature control for the Australian home. With a touch of a button using the electronic controller, you can choose between the cooling function for summer or heating for the winter.

You can even regulate air circulation or humidity for maximum comfort.

Ducted air conditioning vent in commercial office.

Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning

Since ducted evaporative air conditioning is ideally suited for larger spaces or buildings, it is the smart choice for cooling your business premises.

A single ducted air conditioning system can cover every section or zone in your workplace. You can do this by using a remote for the temperature regulation of each room in your space. You can do this for both heating and cooling. So, you only need to have one system to keep large spaces with multiple zones optimally cooled or heated.

Advanced Room Temperature Control with an iZone Controller

The iZone controller is a smart, innovative and intuitive solution that allows you complete control over the temperature in each zone of your home or commercial premises. You can remotely set the temperature settings you want for up to 14 zones, anytime.

The benefits of installing an iZone controlled for with your ducted air conditioning are endless, so we recommend visiting our Busselton showroom for a full demonstration.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Pondering over the thought of getting ducted air conditioning for your home or business?

Perhaps knowing more about the benefits of ducted air conditioning can help you finalise your decision. With proper care and maintenance, a ducted air conditioning system can easily surpass 15 years – especially with our after-sale servicing options.

Energy-saving solution Larger homes and commercial spaces can benefit from the energy efficiency afforded by having a single ducted air conditioning system. The inverter technology used in ducted air conditioners enables it to maintain temperature once the desired coolness is reached.
Total control Aside from affording you the ability to regulate temperature using the iZone controller, you can customise the temperature in individual zones at home or your place of business by installing a new ducted air conditioning system with Busselton Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.
Adds to property value Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is known to be an energy-efficient and durable air conditioning solution. The cost of a good-quality system can be factored into the property price during a sale as houses with efficient, long-lasting climate control systems are considered desirable, especially in the West Australian market.
Space saving Ducted air conditioning uses ducts that is usually hidden in the ceiling, totally out of sight. This saves space and won’t interfere with home or workplace aesthetic, giving you total design flexibility.
Low noise If you think split system air conditioners are quiet, wait till you experience the utter noiselessness of ducted air conditioners.
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Trusted Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners

Daikin reverse cycle air conditioners are trusted for their reliability, efficiency, accuracy and durability for ducted systems. As a company that’s been in the air conditioning business since 1924, Daikin remains one of the trusted makers of ducted air conditioners globally and a leading innovator in the industry.

As a Daikin Super Dealer, our team is well versed in the different air conditioning models and installations.

Ducted Air Conditioner Repairs

The Busselton Air in-house maintenance team comprises highly experienced, qualified and trained technicians, all equipped to handle ducted air conditioning repairs and more.

So, if you have queries or concerns regarding ducted air conditioners in Busselton, please reach out to us.

Ducted Air Conditioning FAQs