Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners are ideal for situations when a certain area in your house or only one section in an office needs air conditioning. Servicing Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Capel and the greater South West region.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Solutions

Split system air conditioners use a technology called reverse cycle air conditioning, so they are used for both heating and cooling purposes.

They are so named because one part of the system is placed indoor while the other is left outdoor. The indoor component blows cool air into the room, whilst the outside unit removes or facilitates the evaporation of the heat originating from the room being cooled.

Split System Aircon for Any Premises

Split system air conditioning works well for any premises.

In the summer, you might find that you need to cool parts of your home where you and your family tend to gather. However, you might not need to have every room air-conditioned. If this is the case, then a split system air conditioner would be ideal for your residential property.

The same can be said for commercial spaces, such as offices where certain rooms (e.g., server rooms) need to be kept cool at all times, even when everyone else has gone home and you can turn the main air conditioning off.

Daikin split system air conditioner outside home in Busselton, WA.

Residential Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning systems are a great choice for home cooling needs because they are an energy-efficient choice, so you’ll be able to save on your electricity bills. If a bedroom is empty, there’s no need to keep the air conditioning on there. You have the option to just cool those areas that are occupied, like the living room or kitchen.

Moreover, since only the air-blowing component of the system is located indoor, split system air conditioners are virtually noiseless. They also come in sleek, modern designs that can blend in easily to the design of your home.

Multiple split systems on commercial premises roof.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Commercial spaces or businesses can benefit so much from the energy efficiency of split system air conditioners. So, even if you may be concerned about the split system air conditioner installation cost initially, you’ll be happy to know that you’re making a sound investment.

Split system air conditioning gives you the ability to regulate the temperature in the different sections of your commercial premises, so you need not use up more energy than necessary. You can do this easily using a remote control system – you don’t have to go to each unit and make the temperature adjustments individually.

The silent operation of split system air conditioners also makes them exceptionally unobtrusive, so they don’t distract your employees and interfere with work. They are also compact, sleek and powerful. As such, they’ll go with whatever theme you have for your office or the commercial space design.

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioner installation takes only about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the complexity of the setup. So if you decide to have one installed, you won’t need to wait long to use it.

Whether you use it for your home or place of business, a split system air conditioning unit provides plenty of benefits:

Energy efficiency Daikin’s technological innovation has led to better units that can cool and heat entire buildings efficiently, enable the customisation of heating or cooling in certain spaces, minimise energy use and reduce utility costs, as well as one’s carbon footprint.
Silence Modern split system air conditioning units are quiet, so they won’t interfere with sleep or your need for silence, whether at home or in your place of business.
Versatility Split system air conditioners can be positioned almost anywhere. The external unit can be hung on exterior walls. Meanwhile, the indoor unit can be placed in garages, attics, closets or wherever they can fit and be optimally connected to the outdoor unit.
Attractive, sleek design Newer models are compact and attractively designed, so they’ll go well or just blend into your store or office décor, as well as inside your home.
Easy maintenance The filters used in split system air conditioners are washable and can be taken out and reinstalled easily, and the outdoor unit is intended to be easy to clean.
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Trusted Daikin Split System Air Conditioners

If you’re after cooling efficiency, you can’t go wrong with Daikin split system air conditioners.

Aside from reaching seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) as high as 24.5 (among the highest in the market), Daikin air conditioners are known for their exceptional cooling capacity and build quality.

So, they’re not only energy-efficient but also durable.

As an added bonus, Daikin customer service is one of the best in the industry. Coupled with our focus on providing exceptional after-sale service, you’ll have an efficient and reliable reverse cycle system for many years to come.

Split System Air Conditioner Repairs

Our highly experienced, qualified and trained in-house maintenance technicians are always ready to handle your split system air conditioning servicing requirements and more.

If you have queries or concerns regarding your split system air conditioning in Busselton, please contact us.

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