Evaporative Air Conditioning

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Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative air conditioning makes use of evaporation to facilitate air cooling.

What happens here is that hot and dry air from the outside gets pumped via water-soaked cooling pads. Then, the water evaporates, whilst the heat in the air is absorbed. This lowers the temperature, thereby producing cool air, which is then fanned and distributed via a network of ducts throughout the house.

Evaporative Air Conditioning For Your Home

Homeowners who are concerned about the initial outlay and installation cost of getting a new air conditioning system would be happy to know that evaporative air coolers usually cost less than other cooling systems.

Evaporative cooling systems also consume less electricity, especially when compared with window and split air conditioners. In fact, you can save as much as 50% in energy bills because an evaporative aircon only needs power to run its fans and pumps.

Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioning logo.

Trusted Cool Breeze Evaporative Air Conditioners

For more than 25 years, CoolBreeze has been the maker of choice for manufacturing premium-quality evaporative air conditioners in Australia.

The family-owned enterprise has grown to be a leading trusted brand for households that appreciate the benefits of evaporative air conditioners and are satisfied with both their cooling performance and energy efficiency.

Evaporative Air Conditioner Repairs

Our official Busselton Refrigeration & Air Conditioning maintenance team is always prepared to take on your evaporative air conditioner repair needs. Trained, licenced and highly experienced, you’ll be surprised at how quickly they can troubleshoot your concern when they arrive at your premises, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Pros & Cons of Evaporative Cooling

Just like any cooling system, evaporative cooling has its pros and cons.

Evaporative cooler in top of roof.


  • It is generally more affordable than other systems and uses less energy to run.
  • It uses 100% outside air so the home interior receives fresh, cool air.
  • It does not use refrigerants that can emit greenhouse gases.
  • It has fewer parts and is easier to repair.
  • It is easy to install and does not require a high amperage circuit.
Open vents on evaporative air conditioner.


  • It does not have the capacity to dehumidify air.
  • It does not provide a high level of filtration, so people who are sensitive or allergic cannot use one.
  • It uses a lot of water, particularly during dry weather conditions.
  • It comes in a big box that has to be mounted on a roof, making it bulky and inaccessible.
  • It does not allow for air volume flow control or temperature zoning.
  • It needs regular servicing and maintenance more than other systems.

Alternatives to Evaporative Coolers

If you’re torn between getting an evaporative cooler or a ducted Daikin reverse cycle conditioning, there are compelling reasons to consider the latter.


One major thing to consider is the fact that evaporative cooling produces a lot of humidity that can encourage mould growth. High humidity can also encourage the proliferation of allergens and other irritants – something you won’t worry about with ducted Daikin reverse cycle conditioning.

Evaporative air conditioning is also not as efficient in the local south-west climate. In a region where summers can get awfully hot, a ducted Daikin reverse cycle conditioning function for heating and cooling purposes is the perfect solution.

It also takes an evaporative aircon longer to cool a space, whilst a ducted Daikin reverse cycle conditioning can immediately make a difference.

Evaporative Air Conditioning FAQs